Press Kit

Developers: Nikkihends Productions

Genre: Party/Arcade


Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Turkish

Game Stage: Early Access

Platforms: PC,  Xbox One


Twitter: @drinkincgame

Facebook: @drinkincgame

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Steam: Link Here

Short Description

The Ultimate Drinking Video Game! Play many local multiplayer mini-games that have a unique twist, DRINKING! Over 22 mini games, including solo, team, and drinking games. Up to 8-player local support, for the ultimate couch gaming. The game is currently supported on PC. Xbox will be releasing very soon!

Full Description

Like drinking?

Like gaming?

Like playing games with friends locally?

Drink Inc. is the game for you! The first ever fully drinking video game. Built from the ground up for exclusive drinking content. All sorts of various ways to drink. Featuring over 22 mini games that are easy to play. 8 Player support for the ultimate couch multiplayer gaming. Turn on the game and invite your friends over for a night of unique fun. The goal of Drink Inc. is to bring back local multiplayer. Everything about this game is meant to play with your friends in the same room, while adding the concept of drinking. Even if you don't want to drink, there are many game mode options and settings that can be changed to fit your need.


The game concept is simple, if you win the mini game, you move up on the board. Losers drink. What makes Drink Inc one-of-a-kind is that the game is fully meant for drinking. There are bonus rounds, drink pickups, cards, x2 spots and much more that will make the game a party. Don’t worry, the game is fully customizable and features 3 different drinking levels. The game also features a non drinking mode so you can still play as a great local multiplayer party game.


8 player local support

Connect up to 8 controllers locally and choose one of the many unique characters to play as.

 Solo mini games

The game will feature at least 25 solo games. Compete against all your friends to see who the best is. Each of these games is easy to play, and fun to defeat all your friends in.

 Team mini games

Team up with your best buds. Every game has a team version and there is even some exclusive team games! You can choose your teams or do random. A bunch of customizations for your teams! Change the name, color, win sounds and much more!

Drinking games

Unlike the normal mini games, these have one motive, to make you drink. Not only are these games played in the normal modes, but they are available at any moment to just play for a fun twist in drinking at the party.


With over 100 different cards, every game will be unique. There are many different types of cards, with some adding extra drinking to others being funny activities. Card packs are various sets of cards. This allows players to choose which cards will be available for each game. In the final release, there will be at least 7 card packs.

Drink Pickups

Enabling the drink pickups will spawn a drink pickup in almost every mini game. Players must try to out beat one another and get to it first. The player that can grab the pickup will be rewarded with drinks to handout after the match.

Unique characters

Over 20 unique and funny characters to play as. Each one has a special animation that will for sure suit your victory with.

Extra Modes

There is extra drinking games that are more casual and let you experience the game differently.


Play many challenges with 1-8 players to get some tabs to spend in the customization shop! These games are unique versions of the mini games and range from ease to extremely hard!


The game features fully customizable characters. Change their colors, add outfits, change their death and much more! Head to the shop to buy unique customization items for your characters.