Solo Games

In these games, challenge all of your friends to a variety of mini games that everyone will enjoy. These games are easy to play and fun to win in.

Bloody River

Try not to fall in the river. Jump on anything and everything you see to be the last person alive.

JetPack Run

Use your jetpack to dodge all the various obstacles along your path while you travel the space shuttle. As long as you outlast your friends, then you are good to go.

Log Hop

Watch out for those annoying logs. Try and jump over them or else you'll be flatter than a Pancake.

Sizzlin' Tot

Oh Sh&!, you got the Tot! Make sure you get rid of that thing before something bad happens.

Spinny Spikes

How the heck did you end up in there? Basically dodge anything that spins or has spikes on it to survive.

Star Bounce

Wow that thing is bright! It would probably hurt if you, um, ya know... touched it.

Western Shootout

Take each other on in a tournament style shootout. Last person left alive is the western champion.

Antarctica Bump

Slide around on the glacier to take out your opponents. Knock them in the cold water and let them float away.

Safe Sailing

Bump your opponents into the oncoming rocks to eliminate them.

Lava Derby

Watch out for the lava. Hit your opponents to their death. It would also be smart to dodge the meteors. 

Cave Fall

Fall through a cave and make sure to not touch anything... or else.

Crazy Crane

That crane is definitely acting crazy. It would be wise to stay away from it.

Bathroom Flood

Ugh, someone made a huge mess. Maybe they shouldn't have eaten that Mexican for dinner. 


Race against your opponents and see who has the best driving skills.



You think you are the fastest? Well prove it in this straight-on sprint.


Hover Tanks

Battle in various maps using unique hovering tanks. Blow your enemies up and become the best. 



As the game is developed, more games will be added to this list. A total of at least 20 solo games is the goal before the final release of the game.