Drinking Games

With over 8 drinking bonus games expected for the final release, there will be plenty of drinking game variations. These games are meant to make the players drink more. One can turn these games on for all the game modes or play them individually in case you need a spinning wheel for your party.

Ball Drop

In Ball Drop, players each take turns dropping a ball. If the ball lands in a red area, the number is the amount of drinks they take. If it lands in a green area, they give out that many drinks.

Player Vote

Players get to vote on who they think should drink. Vote count is kept hidden until the end. Once reveled, the player(s) with the most votes will have to drink.

Spinning Wheel

Everything comes to chance in this game. Players will all be put on a spinning wheel and the player that it lands on must drink.

Roll Master

Roll master is a jackpot game. Players take turns trying to stop the slide at the right time to roll a ball across the platform and into the hole. If one succeeds, they get to hand out the number of drinks in which the jackpot is set to.


In this game, make sure you are ready for it. Whatever player hits "a" last has to drink. Unlike the other games, this one will have no instructions or noise. This is so that the players paying attention will have an advantage.

Button Roulette

Every player must choose between 4 different buttons. One unlucky button will punish you to drink so choose wisely.


The Sequence

Players must match the button sequence. Each turn, a new button is added. The player that messes up the pattern must drink.


Guess the Number

Each player must guess a number within a range. Once all players have guessed, a random number will be chosen and each player must drink the difference between their number and the chosen number.



As the game continues to be developed, more games will be added to this list. Our current goal is to create at least 8 drinking bonus games.