Card Packs

With over 100 different cards, every game will be unique. There are many different types of cards, with some adding extra drinking to others being funny activities. Below is a preview of different card packs and a sample of what cards are included in these packs.

Community Pack

Add to the Community Packs! Create a playable card and we will add it to the list, including your name. This will be a collection of all the cards made exclusively from the Kickstarter fund. The reward is labeled "Create a Card" and is available for $25, the retail price of the game. The Kickstarter fund will be open at the end of August.


Normal Pack

The normal pack features many cards that are simple. They are meant to add a little extra fun in the game without having to do anything crazy.


Hardcore Pack

The hardcore pack features cards that have extra drinking involved. These cards will definitely get the party started real quick.


Kings Pack

This pack features many fun side games. These games or rules can make the game more interesting and fun. 


Fun Pack

Need some extra fun? This pack adds cards that will make people do weird things to make everyone else laugh at you. 


Contest Pack

This pack adds contest games in. Compete in small but fun contests to see who can win.


Variety Pack

This adds a bunch of random but unique drinking cards.