Game Concept


The game is simple. Participate in local multiplayer mini games. If you lose, you drink. In the "Solo Competition" mode, players all have a separate game board path. Winning a game moves the player up. Landing on a card spot will draw a card. Landing on the "X2" spot sill double the players drinks until they move off that spot. First player to reach the "Win Zone" will win.


Solo Competition

Players compete against one another to see who can reach the "Win Zone" first.

Team Competition

In this mode, players can choose their teams. First team to reach the listed number of wins will be crowned champions.

Non Drinking Mode

This can be applied to both "Solo" and "Team mode". It simply turns off all drinking aspects of the game. You still have the option to keep all non-drinking cards on.

Family Mode

Even though Drink Inc. is geared toward drinking and adults, a kid version can be turned on. Once set, the game will load in a kid friendly version. Thus, all drinking will be disabled, all gore will be turned off, and only the kid friendly characters will be enabled. There is also certain "clean" cards that can still be used that the whole family will enjoy.

Dirty Pint Mode

In this exclusive game, players are all on the same board. Players then compete in mini games. The better placement in the game, the further they move up the board. Players will randomly have to put their drink in a "Shared drink". The Dirty Pint character will also be on the board and start to move after round 3. The first player the dirty pint character gets to will have to drink the "Shared drink".

Party Mode

Party mode has no mini games. Instead, each person playing takes turns drawing a card. Certain bonus games will also be turned on for this mode. This is more for a laid back experience. Up to 12 players can join and only one controller is needed.


With over 100+ cards, there will always be new and unique gameplay. Players can draw a card by landing on the "Card Spot" on the board. Card packs are sets of cards that vary of type. The main player can enable which card packs they want before the game. Click on the button to see the different types of card packs currently available.


Enabling the drink pickups will spawn a drink pickup in almost every mini game. Players must try to out beat one another and get to it first. The player that can grab the pickup will be rewarded with drinks to handout after the match.