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Check out the available platforms we are currently developing for. Some we are still trying to get development rights to.

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Early 2019

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Best drinking device ever! Check it out.


Over 20 unique and funny characters to play as. Each one has a special animation that will for sure suit your victory with. Check the characters page for more information on each character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still don’t understand about the game? Hopefully these people’s questions will help answer yours. Also, contact us about a question and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have it posted.

What platforms is the game going to be for?

As of right now, the game is being developed for PC and Xbox. We plan on acquiring dev kits for more consoles.

What do you mean by drinking?

This is a simple question. Drink anything you want. This makes the game more unique by allowing people to actually hangout in the same room and play a game that has a physical attribute to it.

Will there be a single player mode?

While our game is based on local multiplayer, there will be a single player mode. It is not a campaign but simply mini games edited for one person. You will receive tabs that can be used in the Custom Store in this mode.

When will the release date be?

This is a tough question to answer. We plan on releasing the PC version around winter, but there are chances it can get released before then. We want to make sure the game is at its best before release.

Will there be online support

As of now, the games main focus is local multiplayer support. Since it is a drinking game, it would only be suitable for local play. If many fans would like to see online support in the future, we will consider implementing it. We just want to put all our resources on local play at the moment.

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